Covid-19 Response

  • What do you need?
    • COVID-19 Post Lockdown Preparedness Plan which include:
    • COVID-19 Risk Assessment Risk (adjusted approach as mentioned by President Ramaphosa)
    • Linked to the risk assessment identify controls to prevent infection and lowering the spreading of the disease
    • Steps how to implement these controls identified for example
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Screening of Employees & Customers
  • Continuous monitoring
  • What to do should a worker be infected
  • COVID-19 Employee Training Material
  • COVID-19 Poster
  1. COVID-19 Worker Risk Assessment
  2. COVID-19 Employer Self Risk Assessment
  3. Occupational Health & Safety Practitioner Risk Assessment (Must be done by a 3rd party)
  • Complete Specialized Retail Solutions Offering:

Once Off Cost:

  • COVID-19 Post Lockdown Preparedness Plan 
  • COVID-19 Risk Assessment:
  • COVID-19 Employee Training Material.
  • COVID-19 Posters Required to be Displayed in your Retail Outlet @ N/C (Download)
  • If more than 100 employees, an On Site Risk Assessment MUST be done and will be quoted separately at a per hour rate!

The plan is a generic template and can be used by business who understand and have the competency inhouse to conduct a Risk Assessment. In this case the template can be customized by yourself with own company details e.g. logo’s, risk methodology etc.

Before any sector resumes activity, the following conditions must be in place:

  • In addition to generally applicable health and safety protocols, each sector must agree upon a COVID-19 prevention and mitigation plan with the Minister of Employment and Labour, the Minister of Health and any other Minister relevant to the sector.
  • Individual businesses or workplaces must have COVID-19 risk assessments and plans in place and must conduct worker education on COVID-19 and protection measures.
  • Identification and protection of vulnerable employees
  • Safe transport of employees
  • Screening of employees on entering the workplace
  • Prevention of viral spread in the workplace
  • Cleaning of surfaces and shared equipment
  • Good ventilation
  • Managing sick employees
  • Monitoring systems must be in place to (1) ensure compliance with safety protocols and (2) identify infections among employees

For information that is directly published by the government, visit, call the 24 hour COVID-19 helpline at 080 002 9999 or Whatsapp 060 012 3456.